New Product

Latest Innovation in Memorial Designs


FULL COLOR PLATES – Better Than Laser!!

These plates are full color and have maximum design capability. The plate is designed like a traditional portrait that is installed into granite. They are just a lot bigger!! Instead of just using a single portrait of your loved one, you can now use a much larger surface and put multiple images and designs on the work space. Different layers of background and wording can be designed. Better than laser and easy to maintain.

Our customers like this new product because they can design it themselves with their own computer program. Giving that personal touch to their family members memorial.

If you do not want to design it yourself, Meachum’s Memorials can do it for you.



For hundreds of years, colored glass was produced and used in various ways. Colored glass never fades and holds its original color for an indefinite time. We now can use them in your artwork design to bring a uniqueness to your loved one’s memorial. Not only are you adding full color to your artwork but also adding a glass element to the design. The glass looks beautiful against the granite and sparkles in the sunlight.

There are many designs to choose from with 40 different colors of glass available. Custom designs can be created upon request.