Dear Mr. Meachum,

I never expected anything as fine as that! It’s the finest I’ve ever seen anywhere! I’ve never seen the flowers like that, they’re simply beautiful. You had nothing in your book or on display so beautifully done. I suppose strangers might think me childish and silly to have “Daddy” on there, but I had always called him that right up to the last. I had lots of roses and took them out for Mother’s Day. I enjoyed using the two vases. Cans and jars always blow over.


Georgia Setty
Monday May 14, 1979

p.s. I had qualms about putting so much on the stone but you did it all beautifully. That dark granite is the best!

Mr. Meachum,

We are very pleased with the work you did, the headstone is very pretty and we are very happy with it. Every time we go see it, it looks prettier. Its the only one like that on that cemetery and we’re proud of it.

Thank You Kindly,

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Barrios
June 1, 1965

Dear Mr. Meachum,

I received your letter with the polaroid photograph of the already completed marker for my son, Roger. It is beautiful! Your special effort to send the photo of the marker, so carefully set out on a blanket, touched my heart with joy. I showed it to my neighbor also, and she agreed that it is beautiful […] You have fulfilled my fondest hope, and with so much other grief which has attended the loss of my son, there are no words to express the comfort your special efforts have provided me.

May God Bless and keep you and your family,

Donna Bennett
October 3, 1992

To everyone at Meachum’s Memorial,

I want to thank each and everyone of you at Meachum’s for the respect you showed me from the time I first stepped through the door and for all the help I received picking out the stone and what to put on it. The workmanship is beautiful. I have had quite a few calls on how it turned out.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas to all.

Cheryle Roberts

Dear Sandy & Bill,

I’ve wanted to let you know how special you both are. You did such a wonderful job on my dear husband’s headstone. The memorial is beautiful!

Thank you so much,

Nell Scholar
November 14, 2007

Dear Sandra & Bill,

Just wanted you to know how much I loved Albert’s gravestone. You did a beautiful job. I also want you to know how much I appreciate your efficiency and courtesy you extended to me.


Terri Raymond

Dear Bill & Sandra,

Early Saturday morning I went to the cemetery to see our monument. I am so very pleased with it. Thanks to both of you for all the work you did on the design & carving. I am sorry, Sandra, that it was necessary for you to have to redo the whole design. A perfect example of “What not to do.” Thank you for your patience with me. It was the last thing in dealing with John’s death and now everything is finished.

The monument is beautiful thanks to your dedication to produce an excellent product.


Sylvia Shroades
April 22, 2008

p.s. Thank you also for the thoughtful flowers.

Thank you for your sensitive and professional help in selecting and engraving the headstone for our mother. We appreciate your way of doing business and we will not hesitate to recommend you.

Thanks so much.


Lynell Caudile & Jamal Novotny
May 16, 2002

Thank you for all your help in obtaining my parents headstone. It is beautiful and a fitting tribute to my parents.

Donna Flores

Dear Norman,

I went out to Clovis Cemetery this morning and was absolutely amazed at the fabulous marker that you made for Spencer. I couldn’t believe how you possibly could have reproduced the Fresno Water Tower so boldly. The same applies to the cross. I guess I expected the engraving to consist only of lines. Instead you engraved the body of the sketch; and the result is very, very graphic.

The text, too, was beautifully executed. My deepest thanks!

Kathryn Dye Kendig
December 2, 1991

Dear Sandra & Bill,

Planning and Development services staff recently informed me that the beautiful dedication plaque for Pump Station “E” was provided as a donation from your business. The creation of a granite plaque is more than the City could have justified for this project, However the unique talents that your business offers really adds a touch of elegance to this very special public place. It is truly and honor to have people and businesses like Meachum’s Memorials make this type of contribution. On behalf of myself, the City Council and Clovis community, thank you.


Bob Whalen, Mayor, City of Clovis
May 18, 2007


Thank you for all of your assistance in assembling idea’s for my Dad’s headstone. Your personal interest and suggestions are a great service in a tough but necessary action in providing a memory of a family’s loved one. I am so pleased that my Mom and I elected to have Meachum’s Memorials make such a personal tribute to my Father. The personal assistance that you and your partner Bill have provided will always be highly regarded by our family! Thanks again for everything!


Mark S. Cacioppo
July 3, 2007

Sandra, Bill, and Julie:

Thank you for the past year. We are grateful for the time and work your office dedicated into completing our Father’s monument. It’s beautiful and was installed before the anniversary date like we had wished for.

Meela and Leela

Dear Bill and Sandra,

We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful stone you created for our loved one, Carl J. Cacioppo. It is a beautifully crafted, flawless work of art and it is amazing that you fit everything onto the stone with such perfection.

We also wish to thank you for your genuine patience and compassion. Thank you for understanding when I changed my mind “just one more time”. You were always gentle and kind.

The cemetary did a beautiful job placing the stone and it is even more beautiful in the sunlight, with the gold flecks twinkling like the stars that Carl so often talked about after he had been night flying.

We will always think of you as dear friends.

God bless you always.

Betty L Cacioppo
Mark S. Cacioppo

Dear Mr. Meachum –

The headstone you made for my father turned out very well. Please excuse me for being prejudiced but I think its the nicest looking one I’ve seen anywhere. Rosemary and other members of our family feel the same as I do. Thank you for being so patient with us.

Walt Harpain

Dearest Friend:

You of all people know how busy life can get. We tried all weekend to get out and see Granny but time got the better of us. So last night when Bob came home from work he said there was day light left and let’s take a run out with the PT with the top down. so off we went.

Well… we were not prepared and do not have the words for how wonderful the headstone is. It took our breath away. Hylon it is gorgeous!!! Bob said in all our “Find a Grave” travels it is by far the most beautiful we have ever seen. It suits her and the cemetary so much! It is just perfect! Our hearts were overcome!


Dear Norman:

I went out to Clovis Cemetery and was absolutely amazed at the fabulous marker that you made for Spencer.

I couldn’t believe how you could have reproduced the Fresno Water Tower so boldy. The same applies to the cross. I guess I expected the engraving to consist of only lines. Instead, you ingraved the body of each sketch, and the result is very, very graphic.

The text, too, was beautifully executed.


Dear Friends,

Just a note to say thank you for the beautiful work you did on my husband’s headstone. I know it was difficult to get everything I wanted on it, but it turned out beautifully thanks to your talent and expertise. It made me happy to see it when I visit his grave.

He was such a wonderful man, he deserved a beautiful reminder of his presence on earth. Thank you for creating such a fitting tribute.

Dear Ms. Meachum,

My sister Joanne and I want to thank you for the work you and your staff did on our uncle’s (Louie Lauria) grave marker. We are very pleased with how the design came out. It is a very nice memorial for our dear Uncle.

Jane Shook and
Joanne Lauria

Thank you so much for the beautiful headstone you designed and made for our father, Sam Snow. Through considerable patience and a lot of skill, you gave us just what we wanted.

Sharon Peterson and
Kathy Souza


Dear Bill + Sandra,

My family and I would like to say thank you for all your work. I visited the cemetery today, and am really pleased with the results.

Dear Sandra & Staff

Thank you for your courtesy and kindness during the process of ordering my mother’s headstone. I appreciated your prompt and professional care and service.

Meachum’s Memorials,

We just wanted to write to let you know how thankful we are for the headstone that you created for our son. It is very beautiful and we appreciate all of the attention to detail. We could not imagine a more fitting tribute to our son’s memory.

Thank you also for your great service & professionalism.